ISLAMABAD - The Supreme Court on Friday gave 24 hours to Sindh Police to arrest the killers of Shahzeb Khan warning it of stern action in case of failure.Shahzeb, 20, a son of a DSP, was killed on the night of December 24 at Sabaha Avenue in Karachi reportedly over a trivial argument with influential Siraj Talpur and Shahruk Jatoi. The murder of the popular student created uproar in the social and national media, and civil society at large.A three-judge bench directed Inspector General Sindh Fayyaz Leghari to ensure the arrest of the accused within 24 hours and submit report at SC Registrar Office, failing which the IGP and other officials shall be dealt with strictly in accordance with law.The bench, headed by Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry and including Justice Gulzar Ahmed and Justice Azmat Saeed, asked the Sindh Additional IGP Muhammad Leghari, who was present, to submit the report on the arrest of murderers and their abettors by today (January 05), or he “should come on Monday without uniform”.The Sindh IGP and advocate general’s absence irked the chief justice. Additional Sindh IGP Muhammad Rafiq and additional advocate general Kasim Mir Jat told the court that the IGP and AG could not come due to cancellation of flights. The chief justice, referring to a previous case, said: “The IGP was saved in the last case but do tell him that in this case he will not be pardoned.”A DVD containing interview of Sikandar Jatoi, father of accused Shahruk Jatoi, conducted by a private TV channel, was played in the courtroom in the presence of the Sindh police officials. According to the interview Shahrukh has left the country on the night of the murder.But additional IGP said that according to their information Shahrukh was in Pakistan. He also presented a report of the incident stating that some influential people were hindering the investigation and the arrest of the suspects and the police have failed to arrest any of the nominated accused. The chief justice remarked that the inference can be drawn from it that the police knew about the whereabouts of the accused but was reluctant to proceed faster in the matter. He said the whole world knows about the case but police have no certain information. The court said if an anchorperson of private TV channel could talk to Shahrukh’s father but police cannot access him due to sheer negligence. The CJ said that the delay in the case was part of attempts at pushing the case to the sidelines, and he directed the police to confiscate properties and seize the bank accounts of Shahzeb’s killers. The hearing was adjourned until January 7.