SWAT - Local tourists continue thronging the mountainous areas of Swat and popular tourist spots like Madyan, Behrain, Miandam as these areas are receiving guests in a large numbers on daily basis due to rising temperature in different parts of the country.
Flock of tourists mainly school, college and university students began to flow into the Swat valley, particularly into Kalam. With the start of summer vacations, families and youngsters belonging to warm areas have started moving to mountainous regions.
The tourist season will remain on peak till August 10 in Kalam, Miandam and Behrain while those who want to explore more greenery, lakes, rivers and picturesque landscapes of mountains are over 4,000 on daily basis in Malam Jabba and their number will reach around 20,000 tourists per day before Ramazan.
This year, the number of tourists has increased which will certainly have a positive impact on the hotel industry and businesses in Swat . From last few years, the movement of foreign tourists has reduced due to security situation and floods in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa while the visa policy and requirement of NOC for foreign tourists to visit the province keeps them away from Swat .
With the advancement in technologies, people have developed interest in visiting and exploring new places during their vacations.
The movement of more than 50 million people has been witnessed for tourism purposes across the country annually.
People have appealed to the government for the reconstruction of the Kalam road and for the restoration of electricity in Kalam in order to sustain tourism in Swat .