ISLAMABAD: Maryam Nawaz appeared before the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) that is probing the offshore assets of Sharif family amidst protocol that has created another debate on social media challenging Maryam’s designation to enjoy such privilege on Wednesday 5 July.

When Maryam Nawaz reached Federal Judicial Academy, SSP Arsala Saleem saluted her and accompanied her to the investigation room. This act of SSP has been widely criticized by the politicians, media personnel and civil society, as Maryam Nawaz holds no official post.

Famous journalist Kamran Shahid wrote, “When law goes down! Arrival of first daughter, lady officer salutes and then went down to pick paper dropped by Maryam Nawaz .”

Sindh Assembly Deputy Speaker Shehla Raza said “she was taken from court to jail without lady police . She asked if she was not a daughter of someone while writing, “Shame shame shame.”

On the occasion, stringent security measures have been taken in the Federal Capital to avert any untoward incident by deploying over 3,000 security officials. Entry of irrelevant people is prohibited within one kilometer radius of the Federal Judicial Academy.