KARACHI - The City District Government Karachi has planted more than 1 million Conocarpus trees, drawing harsh criticism from experts claiming its pollen causes allergies. Pollen count in Karachi is getting higher since the plantation of this tree, while allergy specialists in Karachi have witnessed prolonged allergies and asthma this season, said Shahida Kauser Farooq, Chairperson Subh-e-Nau on Thursday. However, Mega forestation projects are needed to address the effects of climate change, in accordance with the theme for WED 2009 which is 'Your Planet Needs You-Unite to Combat Climate Change. Shahida opined, The World Environment Day was only a reminder, we should care for the environment every day while mentioning Pakistans role in climate change. She further said that complacency could not be bought with the statement. We are not responsible for it, referring to the US being the largest contributor to carbon emissions. We are at the receiving end, and effects of climate change such as unpredictable weather patterns have hampered, and complicated the food crisis in the country, she added. She recommended having need of mega indigenous plantation projects, if properly implemented can turn the tide against many serious climate change problems today and in future. She further said that massive indigenous tree plantation can stabilise many effects of climate change and a national policy for celebrating national plantation days by involving each and every individual should be initiated. She further reiterated The war against poverty cannot be won without addressing environmental concerns. Pakistan is losing 4,00,000 lives, while incurring health costs of PKR 365 billion every year. This 6% loss of GDP translates into zero net economic development, resulting in and complicating poverty. KU marks Environment Day The University of Karachi on Thursday marked the World Environment Day. An announcement of the institution said that a seminar was organised on the occasion. This was held under the joint auspices of the Institute of Environmental Studies, University of Karachi, and the UNIKARIAN International. The topic of the seminar was - Climate Change - Global and National Perspective. Pro Vice-Chancellor of Karachi University, Prof. Dr. Akhlaq Ahmed, former federal minister Safwanullah, president of UNIKARIANS Muhammad Iqbal Khan, Dean of Karachi Universitys Faculty of Science, Prof. Dr. Shahana Urooj Kazmi amd Prof. Moazam Ali Khan, Prof. Dr. Masood Tariq and Dr. Samiuzzaman expressed their views on the occasion. They pointed out that scientists around the world are busy in research aimed at trying to cope with the problems pertaining to the environmental pollution as well as the global warming. The speakers, however, opined that precautionary measures as well as fostering awareness among the masses can help minimise the impact of the environmental pollution as well as that of the global warming. The impact, they pointed out, would be an increase in temperature, floods, damage to the crops, shortage of drinking water etc.