Curfew has been relaxed in different areas of tehsil Kabal and local residents have asked to vacate these areas. According to sources, security forces overnight shelled militants hideouts in different areas of tehsil Maidan and Shamozai area of tehsil Barikot. Swat media center said curfew has been relaxed till 3:00 pm in Nangolai, Barabandai, Imamderai, Kozbandai, Ghawareja, Damgahr, Shakadara and Devlai areas in tehsil Kabal . The local population has been directed to vacate these areas after which mass migration has been started. Government has arranged the transport for migrants despite that people facing difficulties. Meanwhile, militants strongholds pounded in various areas of Maidan from Lower Dir headquarter Timergira. On the other hand, search operation against suspects has been launched once again in Shiva and Asbanar areas in Adenzai. Curfew relaxation has been announced from 6:00 am till 6:00 pm in tehsil Maidan and tehsil Adenzai.