The government departments top the list of most corrupt in Pakistan followed by judiciary, law enforcing agencies, political parties, private sector and media respectively as the most distorted sections of the society. It was disclosed in a report by the BBC on Thursday quoting a survey conducted by Transparency International (TI), which has been compiled as Global Corruption Barometer 2009. The survey was compiled after collecting opinions of 73,132 persons from 69 different countries across the globe. According to the survey, 40 per cent Pakistanis are of the view that the government departments are the most corrupt ones among the six institutions listed above, while 14 percent consider judiciary and law enforcing departments as the most corruption haunted organisations. Almost 12 percent Pakistanis think that the worst corruption lies in the private sector and in political parties, while 8 percent mark media as a corrupt institution. The survey also says that according to eighteen percent Pakistanis either they themselves or their family members had to pay bribe during the last twelve months. Besides, 51 percent think governments steps to eliminate bribery and nepotism as ineffective, while only 25 percent say that such moves are effective, thus showing that a overwhelming majority is unconvinced of anti-corruption efforts by the state. The survey also reveals a growing distrust of big businesses and corporate sector, which according to more than a half of the respondents is trying to manoeuvre the state polices, laws and regulations by using graft and other tactics as it main weapons.