LAHORE - The PML-N government will give a 'free hand to Provincial Minister for Prisons to resume his office after the Party leaders are expected to given him a verbal thrashing, and secure an assurance that he will act 'lawfully in future, after the Minister has lobbied successfully for getting himself back on the ministerial track. Party sources have confided that the N-League leadership had decided to let the minister off the hook after he was made 'dysfunctional on the 22nd of the last month because of his misconduct at the Allama Iqbal International Airport. Moreover, senior leaders are still playing cool despite the submission of the report by tribunal on May 28. However, nothing official has been made public so far, except an issuance of a handout concluding 'it is not necessary that the allegations levelled against someone should prove true in every investigation report. Declaring the Minister 'an honourable public representative, the handout mentioned, 'accountability does not mean that the allegations should forcefully prove to be true. When quizzed about the specific reason for Ministers survival, a source seeking strict anonymity hinted at Ghafoors connections with the Sharif family. No doubt, his standing in the Party is pretty low, and does not enjoy an outstanding stature within the N-League. However, he certainly has tangible 'links which have helped him come out as a survivor, he said, while opining that the PML-N was expected to take a stringent action since it had not spared Sharifs decades old associate Haji Pervaiz Khan. People at large were expecting Ghafoors exit, and it would have definitely given a huge image uplift since the Minister does not enjoy good reputation even in his constituency, which is just virtually in the neighbourhood of Mian Sahabs residence, he added. Apparently, this has also turned out to be so because of his hectic efforts at persuading the Sharif brothers through good offices of certain quarters for taking a lenient view of his 'misconduct despite the fact the 3-member tribunal had found him guilty, said the source, while deploring the moral degradation of his colleague. He should have resigned himself instead of lobbying for keeping his Ministership - considered to be the first casualty as part of his punishment - and holding paid rallies outside the Raiwind residence of the PML-N leadership, he opined. On the other hand, since he was made 'dysfunctional, Ghafoor had been seeking support of the close circles of the Sharif brothers, so that the latter could take lenient view of his wrongdoing. Earlier, the 3-member tribunal comprising - two former PML-N MNAs Muhammad Hamza and Ghulam Dastgir Khan, and Member Public Service Commission Shaukat Javed - had found out that the Minister had 'lost his cool. He was also found using his 'Ministerial muscles for taking away the luggage of his friends sans scanning. The tribunal found the Ministers allegation against the officials misbehaviour misplaced and baseless after it viewed the Closed-Circuit television videos. Contrary to this, the Minister was found losing his cool 'resulting in an untoward scene. The report shows that Ghafoor also lied to the tribunal when he said he was 'deputed to receive guests, which was not the case. The tribunal also went soft on Ghafoor , while alleging the media for 'an incident blown out of proportion. Secondly, it also averred that the Customs officials should not have let the Minister take out the luggage, especially when the ugly incident had already taken place, opined an MPA, who was of the view that since Ghafoor lied to the tribunal for thrice, it should have penalised him. Moreover, Ghafoors ignorance about law regarding the Green Channel is no excuse for sparing him, he observed. Ghafoor in his statement before the tribunal had pleaded his innocence by saying that he did not know the regulations about the Green Channel facility. The tribunal had deemed that Ghafoor had brought a bad name to the provincial govt, and observed that the Ministers act raised doubts in peoples minds that his friends were carrying some contraband items due to which the scanning was denied. The MPA was of the view that the tribunal made its every effort to put the onus of Ministers wrongdoing on the Customs officials, while dishing out 'selective justice, and the Party was being expected to reciprocate it, as Ghafoor is said to have distributed sweets to celebrate his 'success. Official handout: The Tribunal set up for the enquiry of an untoward incident involving the Provincial Minister Ch. Abdul Ghafoor at Allama Iqbal International Airport, has submitted its enquiry report. According to details, the enquiry tribunal after examination of all the evidences, concluded that Provincial Minister Ch. Abdul Ghafoor , violated his lawful bounds at the customs counter apparently in ignorance of the rules on the use of the Green Channel. On the contrary once the customs staff had stopped the baggage of the ministers friends, then they should not have allowed it to pass away without being scanned. Meanwhile, a spokesman of the Punjab Government has clarified that this enquiry has been conducted after taking notice of media reports regarding 'an honourable public representative aimed at bringing the facts to light. He said that a new tradition of investigation of allegations levelled against a public representative had been started and a transparent method of accountability had been adopted. However, he said that accountability did not mean that the allegations should forcefully prove to be true. He said that the intention of the government was clear that in case of allegation or doubt, the facts should be brought before the public after proper investigation. According to the spokesman, it is not necessary that the allegations levelled against someone should prove true in every investigation report.