KARACHI - Forty four years after detaching itself from the word imperial, the International Cricket Conference (ICC) has fallen victim to the new cricket imperialism of India and currently the international body is slave to the Indian marketing forces which is running roughshod throwing to winds the high moral values for which the game of cricket had always stood for. This is the considered view of a former well known cricket organizer who introduced to this part of the world, the famous International Management group that brought revolutionary changes to the organizational face of the traditional sport of cricket. Malik Arshad Jilani, who represented IMG for a number of years as its representative in Pakistan is aghast with the manner the ICC had abrogated its independence and has transformed from Uncle Tom to the BCCI, the Indian cricket machine which has run amok throwing to the winds all norms of higher values after starting its domestic multi million dollar Indian Premier League. Talking to The Nation here Thursday, Arshad Jilani a retired commander of Pakistan Navy said the ICC awed by the financial muscle of India has introduced a new kind of "apartheid" where some countries are treated differently from others. Both Zimbabwe and Pakistan were treated differently because some countries wanted ICC to take a biased stand against these two important cricket nations. Zimbabwe suffered for political reasons and Pakistan, an important part of the ICC , was forced to surrender its right to host World Cup 2011 at home for security reasons only because India and other western countries felt unsafe playing in Pakistan.There were no two opinions that after March 3, 2009 attack on Sri Lankan cricketers in Lahore. Things for Pakistan had drastically changed but denying Pakistan hosting its share of fourteen matches and allotting it to other co hosts India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh without taking into confidence Pakistan was an unpardonable act of the ICC which owns the world competition. The ICC was not treating "security risk" as par. The risks in India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka were arguably almost as great as in Pakistan. But the ICC used different standards against Pakistan than India and other sub continental countries to arbitrarily decide the fate of world cup matches allotted to Pakistan. With two whole years to go for the Cup, The ICC could have easily delayed the decision by six months. But this did not suit the Indian lobby as it desired to take political advantage of the situation. Unfortunately it appears that the ICC had been conveniently coerced into becoming an accomplice in this design. ICC CEO Haroon Lorgat's recent statement that ICC could look into an Indian request to prepare its Future Tour Programme in such a manner that the future IPL is a purely domestic Indian competition and could get space was nothing but compromising the independence of the ICC which is run on democratic lines by cricket playing nations of the world including Pakistan. He said he had healthy respect for money in sports and cricket. Kerry Packer introduced the money factor and very recently the USA millionaire of West Indies origin Stanford made his personal contribution but suggested that all cricket boards must arrest and reverse the slide of the ICC into uncontrolled power by any one country.