India will not hesitate to launch a short intense war in case of a 'misadventure' by Pakistan, Air Marshal K.D. Singh , Commander-in-Chief of South-Western Air Command (SWAC), has said. "In case of a misadventure of Pakistan triggered by major terrorist attack or the attack like the one we had on Parliament, attack on our leader, a major city, public or hijacking an aircraft, any such action by them can obviously lead to a reaction from India which could be a short intense war," the Air Marshal said. "India is a stable democracy surrounded by Pakistan, China, Nepal, Myanmar, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka which are troubled states," Air Marshal Singh said while delivering a lecture on 'Military view of Indian National Security" at a function here. He said there has been a conflict with these bordering countries since 1947, and the conflict with Pakistan and China have been causes of major concerns. "Policy of Pakistan being to bleed India with thousand cuts was initiated by General Zia-ul-Haq in 1987-88 to start terrorism against India ," Air Marshal Singh said. He said that economic installations, especially oil refineries in Jamnagar, were highly potential terrorist targets.