PESHAWAR - The law-enforcement agencies have arrested Maulana Amir Ezzat, Syed Wahab and Maulana Mohammad Alam, three key figures of Tehreek-e-Nifaz-e-Shariat-e-Muhammadi (TNSM). However, it is not clear whether TNSM chief Maulana Sufi Mohammad has been arrested or not. The security agencies in a raid arrested all the three persons from Bilal Mosque, Amandara, and later shifted them to Malakand Fort. Bilal Mosque is known as TNSMs headquarters. Agencies add: Army on Thursday arrested the deputy and spokesman of Maulana Sufi who negotiated the February deal in Swat between the Taliban and the government, NWFP Information Minister Mian Iftikhar Hussain said. They were arrested during a raid in Amandara in Malakand District. The spokesman and deputy of Maulana Sufi were arrested during an operation on a religious seminary, the minister told AFP. Sufis deputy Mohammad Alam and spokesman Amir Ezzat were holed up in the compound of a seminary when they were arrested along with a few militants, Iftikhar said. Chief military spokesman Major General Athar Abbas also confirmed the arrests. The Army raided the seminary on an intelligence tip-off that a meeting of terrorists was in progress there, he told AFP. He said that Alam, Amir Ezzat, Wahab and three other Afghan 'miscreants or militants were arrested. Abbas did not offer any comment when asked if the security forces were also following Maulana Sufi. Meanwhile, according to a German news agency, Maulana Sufi, his deputy Maulana Alam, two sons and four close aides were rounded up from Chakdara and Aman Darra areas of Dir District. Yes, I can confirm that eight people, including Maulana Sufi, have been arrested, Dirs police chief Zaibullah Khan told the news agency. Monitoring Desk adds: According to Waqt News TV channel, Maulana Sufi, his sons Muhammad Rizwan and Zia Muhammad, were among others arrested from Almandra area in Swat. It is also reportedly said that some other key figures of the TNSM , too, have been captured. However, their identity was not disclosed. The TNSM has confirmed the arrest of its leadership.