KARACHI - Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) will discuss outstanding issues, including the amendments in local government system, transparent recruitment policy and funds for district governments, in the upcoming meeting of the core committee of MQM and PPP , to be held on Sunday. It may be noted here -*-that last meeting of the committee failed to resolve differences over the issues of restoration of Commissioner System in Sindh, funds for the Karachi and Hyderabad city governments and job quota in the government departments Talking to The Nation, member of MQM Rabita Committee, Waseem Aftab, said, We are heading for the resolution of some issues that have not been sorted out so far. Other outstanding problems will also be discussed in Sundays meeting. He said that PPP had informed the MQM of its proposals vis-_-vis local government system, commissioner system and other issues. We will soon respond to their proposals. At the moment, MQM leaders are discussing these proposals and we shall soon finalise our recommendations, he said. When asked if the MQM demanded 40 per cent share in Karachi jobs quota, he said, the party wanted transparency in the recruitment process. Like other parties that enjoy mandate, MQM also wants to facilitate people and to ensure employment for the jobless persons, he said. Waseem added that talks with PPP were being held in a friendly environment. There are issues on which PPP face problems at one side and MQM confronting similar situation on the other side, but we are clear that both parties are two realities in Sindhs politics, he said. He added that unity between PPP and MQM would be beneficial for the province and Pakistan. Haider Abbas Rizvi, MQM deputy parliamentary leader in National Assembly, said that amendments to the local government system would be made through provincial assembly where MQM and PPP are allies. We wont decide it on streets, but we will sort out these issues bilaterally. A t present, consultation is in progress, he said. Kanwar Khalid Younus, another member of the MQM Rabita Committee, said that Karachi is different from other cities and could not be compared with Lahore, Quetta and Peshawar. Commissioner System was a legacy of the colonialism. Feudal lords and tribal chiefs had accommodated their kiths and kin through that system and they benefited from it, he said. Younus added new local government system had changed the situation and helped expedite development work. If the government wishes to amend this system, it should be done in a way that it will continue to benefit masses, he said. He cited that three-tier government system works successfully across the world therefore it should not be scrapped.