KARACHI - Reduction in the duration of MS semester (March-May 2009) of Karachi University (KU) students have spread a sense of fear among them of getting low marks in their examination, which had started from June 2, The Nation has learnt. It was told that the present MS semester (Jan-May 2009) was begun too late on March 16, 2009 and ended on May 30 which resulted in such shortcoming of two and a half months. This has caused problems for the students, but the KU administration did not even pay attention to the issue and rejected the demand of the students to hold semester exams in July to compensate their 2.5 missing months. Talking to The Nation on Thursday, the students expressed their serious concerns over the issue and said that due to shortage of time the teachers had compelled to cut down certain chapters and topics in every subject. Some students, taking serious notice of the issue, have written a letter to the KU Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Pirzada Qasim to give more time for the completion of the courses but the KU VC did not consider their request, they added. This stance by the KU administration has had profound effect on both our learning and our study schedule, as we are already too pressed by the projects. We have to give a reasonable time to every subject but moreover this two-edge sword (shortage of semester duration) has done great damage to our learning experience; something to which any sane human would not consent, they added. They told The Nation that they found themselves in another acute pressure of obtaining 75 per cent marks in every subject. Henceforth, they are being ill-treated on three different grounds: (i) scoring higher than usual marks; (ii) not getting proper understanding of all courses being taught in such a short time; and (iii) being unable to use this knowledge in the next year thesis writing phase. KU Registrar Prof Rais Alvi, when contacted, said that the university had not received any application related to this issue, however, the semester exams were being held normally at the campus.