KARACHI - The Traders Action Committee on Friday announced not to pay electricity bills in protest against the withdrawal subsidy from electricity, Rs 3 per unit increase in the tariff and total rise of 50 percent in the forthcoming budget. Traders Action Committee Chairman Siddiq Memon said that the government had raised electricity prices up to 70% in September 2008 and promised to give relief in the next budget, but ironically the 50 percent increase in prices with no more subsidies has been proposed in the forthcoming budget. Such increase will bring a Tsunami of inflation in the country as the items will be shot up to 40 percent and the ratio of inflation will reach 70 percent along with 350 percent rather than 250% trade expenditures, he added. Moreover, more than 20 thousand small trading units adjacent to trade units will be inflicted by such act of the government and the rates of items will be doubled by dint of increased production charges. He on behalf of traders warned the government to shut down their business and come out on the roads against such proposed increase in the prices of electricity.