Criticizing foreigners, President Karzai wants to put the blame on international community for his own failures, Dr Abdullah said. Abdullah , leader of Change and Hope coalition, said President Karzai has consistently violated the laws. He said Karzai violated the constitution when he extended his presidential term, now in election laws and in some cases he even violated Afghan laws concerning cabinet ministers. So when the President himself uses law as a tool to fulfill his desires, then the ground is prepared for interventions in the Afghan laws, he said. "Every time the constitution has been violated by President's Office," Abdullah said. In a way President Hamid Karzai wants to put the responsibility for his own failure on foreigners, he said. "Unfortunately Mr Karzai , considering the fact that he has come short to fulfill his responsibilities towards people, sees blaming foreigners as the only way out," he said. Law experts said President Karzai is obliged to oversee constitution implementation and prevent foreigners's interference. Head of Afghanistan Defence Lawyers' Association, Rohullah Qarizada, told TOLOnews: "If our own institutions do not violate the law , foreigners do not ever dare to interfere in law implementation," Afghan analysts said a number of officials close to President Karzai show unnecessary interest to foreigners, which paves the way for intervention.