LAHORE - Over 700 orders of different courts including Lahore High Court are pending for implementation with the office of District Coordination Officer Lahore from a couple of months while district administration is flouting these orders by not implementing them, sources informed TheNation. The sources further informed that these court judgements are of different natures and mostly belonged to the administrative decisions of the district administration regarding various issues including matters of public interest, which were challenged by the officials, citizens, stakeholders and other applicants in different courts in order to get relief from different departments of City District Government Lahore. They said promotion cases of a number of junior officials, performing duties in different departments of CDG including health, food, public facility, livestock, information technology and other departments were pending for implementation in the DCO Office from a couple of months in which Lahore High Court ordered the district administration to promote such officials immediately. They said that these junior officials were serving in CDGL for the last 20 to 25 years and their promotion pending was since years. But the district administration promoted 96 junior employees and among them mostly were promoted out of turn and the authorities concerned did not promote these 16 officials despite the fact that they deserve, they added. Earlier, they also submitted an application with the DCO against the unjust decision of the district administration regarding promotions, who forwarded such application to District Officer MHR Department but their application could not get proper response from the authorities concerned. As a result, these employees challenged the decision of district administration in LHC, which declared the decision of district administration as unjust and issued order in favour of these officials and directed the authorities concerned to give them their due rights. Therefore, the officials submitted an application in DCO office again and enclosed the court orders with their application but all in vain because the district administration still using delaying tactics in promoting such employees, they added. They said that district administration had compiled a register for registering court orders in order to address the grievances of the applicants and complainants one by one under the court orders. But the officials on duty in DCO office are just registering the details of the court orders with reference numbers in such registers and issuing tokens to the applicants. They said court directions perhaps are not taken up in the office of DCO on priority basis because a pile of applicants are gathered in the DCO office from months but nothing has to done so far, they concluded. When this scribe contacted District Coordination Officer Ahad Cheema for his version, his subordinate replied that he was busy in a meeting.