LAHORE - While the Pentagon press took no time to deny the controversial story of New York Time published on December 21, 2010 revealing US-led coalition in Afghanistan had proposed to launch ground operations in North Waziristan to catch the militants using the area as a safe haven, it speaks volumes about the mindset of Americans towards their 'strategic partner. The White House and the State Department also joined the Pentagon in assuring Pakistan that they had no plan to conduct ground operations inside the Pakistani territory. However, a US military Commander, Col Viet Luong says There is no practical way to seal Pak-Afghan border, therefore, allied troops would require cooperation from the tribes inside Pakistan proving safe haven to Taliban . The botched NY Times Square bombing by Faisal Shahzad, an American citizen of Pakistani descent, produced a harsh diplomatic demarche from US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton warning Pakistan of severe consequences. The US investigator reporter Bob Woodward, in his new book titled Obamas Wars has unraveled startling disclosures that CIA runs 3,000 strong paramilitary forces by the name of Counterterrorism Pursuit Teams (CPT) that conducts highly-sensitive covert operations into Pakistan in the fight against Al-Qaeda and Taliban sanctuaries. A complicated tug of war between the strategic partners ensued over the presence of militants in Pakistans border regions who are launching attacks against Nato troops in Afghanistan. Despite escalating drone attacks, Washington still considers Pakistans tribal areas on the Afghan borders as the most dangerous place on earth. There have been a total of 112 airstrikes by the remote-controlled predator in western tribal regions since January 1 this year. But at most of these strikes (almost 98) were conducted in North Waziristan . The militarys rich combat experience comes from fighting multiple wars throughout the short history of Pakistan. Pakistan military has affirmed their resolve to rein in extremists activities in North Waziristan and across the border. Pakistan military is fully capable to root out Talibans threat from the area. Downplaying the NYTs report, the White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs believed that the country itself should pursue insurgents and terrorists operating inside its border. The State Department spokesman Philip J. Crowley documented that Pakistan has taken considerable action in recent years and no military in the world has suffered more casualties in the fight against terrorism than Pakistan. The US military had signaled in the past that we are ready, willing and able to work with the Pakistani military in all manner of ways. But they are a sovereign country, so this is a partnership, and weve got to work according to what their interests are. The success of military operations in the tribal regions have caused substantial decline in cross-border attacks on Nato forces in Afghanistan. The intelligence gathering for CIA in North Waziristan cannot have come about without the cooperation of ISI. The Pakistan Army wants the weapons and the technology to do the job in North Waziristan . Durintg the last nine years, Pakistanis are fighting the extremism and need American support. What Pakistan need now is a sustainable strategic partnership, no more estrangements? Pakistan has identified that insurgents within the country are a threat to the government itself. Pakistan is one of the foremost country that joined hands with the international community to combat terrorism. Ever since March 2004, Pakistan is confronted with the threat of Talibanisation, which has spread from Afghanistan to Pakistans tribal areas and then went further deeper into its main lands. According to a report compiled by Pak-US business council, Pakistans economy has so far incurred enormous financial losses to the tune of $35 billion and other costs in terms of the elevated terrorist violence. Pakistan has deployed more than 140,000 troops in fighting militants in the northwest along the Afghan border. Pakistan military has lost 2,273 officers and soldiers in the fighting so far. Pakistan armed forces have suffered more casualties fighting Taliban than have coalition forces on the other side of the Afghan-Pakistan border. Nonetheless, the heavy losses will not deter the resolve of Pakistan military in taking up the terrorists threat from the region.