LAHORE The PML-N has outrightly rejected PPPs assertion that Salmaan Taseers assassination was a political murder, and colouring the gruesome tragedy as per ones whims and wishes will not be a justice to the cause of deceased Governor. The N-Leaguers have also brushed aside the PPP observations about differences in security apparatus and personnel for the Governor and Chief Minister. They have advised the PPP leadership to wait for the 'conclusions of the investigations and reports. Spokesperson of the Punjab govt, Senator Pervaiz Rasheed said the reason behind the murder was known to everybody since for the last two months, the deceased Governor was prominently in the news. 'Any other colouring, as it is being given at the moment, will be useless and an injustice to Salmaan Taseer since when some are trying to settle political scores, they will not be known as good comrades of the man, he maintained. To a question regarding the statements given by PPP leaders, he was of the view that the former were habitual of doing such things as they had already done on other subjects as well. 'Ask them to comment on sunrise or sunset, they will certainly say something. We are not attaching importance to oratory and rhetoric of habituals, he observed, ,adding, that authentic reply to these statements would be the findings of investigating agencies. Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaullah said the security was provided as per threat perception, while it was increased or decreased accordingly, and security was given to important figures, even the retired ones. To him, there was nothing mentioned in the VVIP protocol regarding the number of vehicles and police personnel. 'Salmaan Taseer was given security after discussion with his highest staff and as per his requirement. Secondly, he never asked for additional apparatus despite the fact that the CM had sent the IGP to the ex-Governor for discussing security when there were reports about threats to his life, said the Minister, while mentioning that Taseer was satisfied. 'I dont believe in security, and I have no need of this, Rana Sana quoted Taseer. About deputing a religious fanatic for the Governors security, Rana Sana traced the recruitment history of the killer, and brought home the point that there was no record of violations by the murderer, and during the recent years, nobody had ever suspected him of acting this way. 'He was performing his duty since 2008 as an elite force cop, but nobody could read his mind and know about his future actions, he added. CMs Senior Adviser Sardar Zulfiqar Ali Khan Khosa has termed the statements of Federal Ministers an attempt to hide the facts. 'Why are the Ministers concealing the failure of Federal security agencies?, he questioned, adding, that instead of moving the investigation in the right direction, they had started issuing statements for politicising the murder. 'This matter should also be investigated that if the officials of Federal security agencies were deputed with the Governor, on whose orders they disappeared from the site of incident, he suggested. Khosa observed that everyone was aware of the fate of the accused, but why the Federal Ministers were trying to save the murderer by terming this incident a conspiracy. 'Why the conspirators declaring the incident as custodial murder in the desire of becoming Governor Punjab have forgotten that the jiyalas of PPP are still waiting a reply of this question that how was and who had killed Mir Murtaza Bhutto, brother of Benazir Bhutto who was the then Prime Minister, he quizzed further.