Driving a convertible with the top down could be hazardous to your health exposing you to dangerous noise levels, claims a new study. Levels as high as 100 decibels were recorded at a speed of 75 mph which for long periods could lead to damage to hearing. Even at 55 mph, levels were above 85 dB, the equivalent to a construction site. Road surface, other traffic, wind noise and driving speed - all contributed to the cacophony, the Journal of Laryngology and Otology reports. Noise spikes - caused by passing cars, lorries and motorbikes - added to the danger, according to the Telegraph. Researchers from the Saint Louis University School of Medicine, Missouri in the US, carried out tests on five cars including a Porsche, Saab, Nissan and Ford and recorded the noise levels at 55 mph and 75 mph. Sify