KATMANDU (Agencies) - India had a role to play in the tragic massacre of the Nepalese Royal Family which shook Nepal on June 2001 , claims a memoir 'Maile Dekho Darbar - The Place in my Eye - written by a long time palace aide, General Bibek Shah. The author had a thirty years long tenure of duty with the palace as an aide-de-camp and was serving as military secretary to the King when crown prince Dependra, in a shooting spree, killed Kind Birendra, Queen Aiswarya and nine others in the premises of Narayanhity Palace . According to General Bibek,King Birendra wanted to take Nepal out of the shadow of India by adopting an independent posture; something that could not be tolerated by Nepals overbearing neighbor. The King had plans to dissolve the Parliament and call for a round table conference after reaching some sort of agreement with the Maoists. He was concerned that India would respond negatively to his proposal because in this case Indias tacit linkages with Maoists would stand exposed. While he was acting on his plans he was killed. It is a political conspiracy, writes the General.According to the Memoirs, not only his political moves but also a plan to break hold of India as the sole supplier of weapons to Nepal sealed Birendras fate. India was not at all pleased with his plans to buy automated HK -38 rifles from Germany and establish assembly plants in the country.