LAHORE - For the first time in history of Pakistan cricket, a first-class match will be played under lights and with coloured balls when the final of the Quaid-e-Azam Trophy will begin at the National Stadium Karachi from January 13. The board is still deliberating whether to use a pink or yellow cricket ball for the final that would be held partially in daylight and then under artificial lights. "The final's timings are from 2.00 PM in the afternoon to 9.00 PM in the night everyday," a PCB official said. "We hope this experiment is the start of a new exciting era for domestic cricket in Pakistan, but we have to wait and see how it goes," Sultan Rana the head of the domestic cricket operations in the PCB said. While the star studded Habib bank team has already qualified for the final the other finalist will be decided after the match between PIA and Rawalpindi. Rana said details were being worked out and since the match is to be shown live. "We have to see the visibility factor of both the coloured balls and also keep in mind the comfort of the competing teams because this is a major final," he said. This is not the first time in the cricket world that first class matches would be played under lights and with coloured balls as this has previously been experimented in England and most recently West Indies, the spokesman added. Rana said the main purpose was to make it more interesting and attract the crowds into the stadium. "We get crowds for the T20 and even 50-over matches in domestic cricket but we need similar support for first class matches, " he added.