LAHORE-Speaking in the context of Salmaan Taseers murder, PTI leaders have called upon political leadership to address the most pressing problem of growing intolerance in society. Talking to the media at the funeral of Punjabs assassinated Governor Salmaan Taseer here on Wednesday, PTI 's central Secretary Information, Omer Sarfraz Cheema, Punjab President, Ahsan Rasheed and Deputy Secretary Mian Tariq said that people of Pakistan felt insecure today because of the incompetence of the rulers who had failed to provide security and relief to the masses. Condemning the brutal murder of Salmaan Taseer, the PTI leaders said it is time that all political forces sat together to find a solution to the growing intolerance in society. They lamented that in a short span ofthree years it was the second high profile murder in Pakistan, which was indicative of an alarming situation. They urged political parties to shun their political difference to give a feeling of security to country men.