Bullets have once again led to the murder of another Pakistani political leader. Salman Tasser, the governor of Punjab was killed by one of his guards in the Federal Capital. Tasser was a man known for being vocal. The intolerance that today prevails does not bode well for future of democratic politics. For too long the politics of the gun has prevailed in Pakistan which for over half its existence has been under military rule. The murderer who killed Taseer was recruited when a military regime was ruling the country. Even under civilian rule, the police ranks were stuffed with political activists on recommendations. Those already serving in law enforcement agencies should be scrutinized and anyone amongst them recruited on recommendation should be sent packing on forced early retirement. Prosecuting agencies and office of Attorney General, Advocate General must also be depoliticized, so that nobody is allowed to get away with abuse of power. We need to provide social justice to the common man of Pakistan, which can only be done if the billions being pilfered by corrupt are diverted to welfare projects. The only solution to eliminate violence from our country is through rule of law, good governance and providing subsidized education to the poor. SHAMSUDDIN MIAN, Lahore, January 5.