A vulture has been apprehended in Saudi Arabia suspected of spying for Mossad, Israels intelligence agency. The Saudi Arabian newspaper al-Weeam claims the bird was caught in a rural area with a foul odor coming out of its mouth proof of a Zionist plot. UPI news agency reports the news has prompted a spate of anti Israeli reports in the middle eastern media. It is just the latest animal to be implicated in alleged zionist plots. In the minds of Israels paranoid neighbours Mossad is developing a spy menagerie. Only last month the Egyptian governor of South Sinai said a spate of shark attacks, one fatal, on tourists in Sharm el Sheikh may have also been the work of Mossad. According to some reports the bird caught in Saudi Arabia wore a GPS transmitter and a leg bracelet marked with the name of Tel Aviv University. The barmy nature of this latest accusation has prompted Israeli officials to break their vow of silence on all things related to Mossad, reacting with derisive scorns at the claims. Foreign Ministry spokesman Yigal Palmor gave this reaction to Sky News: 'Any attribution of this to the Mossad is the direct result of an over active imagination of a number of people who apparently have nothing better to do. 'The vulture apparentlyi has a ring that was placed on it by ornithologists at Tel Aviv University which is common practice for following the migration of birds. Sky News