LAHORE As the temperature is decreasing day-by-day, Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited (SNGPL) is ignoring the domestic users by not ensuring the smooth gas supply. The gas in various City areas remain suspended on Wednesday while some areas reported low gas pressure. During an interview with TheNation, the residents of Johar Town, Township, Green Town, Faisal Town, Wapda Town, Garden Town, Thokar Niaz Beg said they even could not cook due to low pressure. It is to be mentioned here that the SNGPLs officials have privilege to reduce the gas pressure of domestic users. The gas pressure to a particular area could be reduced or enhanced through a Town Base Station (TBS), which is installed in different areas of the City by the company. The sources in the company said there were more than 200 complaints of low pressure only from a town but the company officials were ignoring them. They said SNGPL was supplying gas to industries at the cost of domestic users. People call helpline but no action was taken. They said the companys official had deliberately reduced gas pressure for the domestic users and supplying it to the industry. On the other side, every year, the SNGPL was claiming the increasing demand of gas from domestic limits the reason behind the low pressure in the areas situated at tail end. The company spokesman said smooth supply to domestic users was always remained the top priority of the SNGPL . He said that in domestic limits the demand of gas touched 950 mmcfd which was usually remained at 400 mmcfd. The citizens should minimise the use of heaters and geysers so that better gas supply should be ensured to them, he added.