A FLIGHT from Chicago to Frankfurt made an emergency landing in Canada when the pilot spilled his coffee. United Airlines Flight 940 was diverted to Toronto just after 10 pm Monday night. An airline spokesman said only that the plane had a communications problem and the pilot elected to divert the flight rather than cross the Atlantic with the issue. But according to Transport Canada, the agency that regulates transportation in Canada, the malfunction was the Boeing 777s pilot dumping his cup of coffee on the planes communication equipment. The spilled liquid caused the planes radio to send out transponder code (or 'squawk) 7500, denoting a highjacking. The crew were able to stop the faulty squawk, but decided to land anyway. The 241 passengers and 14 crew members were put in a different aeroplane once on the ground in Toronto, flown back to Chicago, put up in a hotel and then flown to Frankfurt on Tuesday afternoon. DM