In mid 70s exploration at Saindak was initiated by Geological Survey of Pakistan and by 2002 the project was handed over to a foreign mining company on their terms and conditions. Till now the lease holder of Saindak has no control over the project activities. It is worth mentioning that for exploration and development GOP had spent Rs 28 billion and the mining company just for their expertise contracted the project on 50% profit sharing. The total Saindak mineral resources are 412 million ton of ore whereas the present contractors are operating over a part of deposits containing only 78 million tons ore and balance ore requires to be addressed. Now after decades, it seems that the Government of Balochistan is replaying the Saindak scenario in Reko Diq project and it can be visualized that after all the undue experiments the project will be delayed and ultimately will be contracted to any foreign company on their terms and conditions. According to the company information about US$ 400 million has already been spent to prove the worth of Reko Diq and it is assumed that with the present status of contract 20 to 30 % revenues will be added to the Province of Balochistan earnings and it will have 1% effect of national GDP. Besides, the financial benefits the major contribution would be in form of technology transfer enabling us to initiate other projects in the vicinity. It is very astonishing to know that certain elements are presenting adverse scenario to the government and public through media ignoring all the geosciences expertise in the country. It is worth mentioning that even after a decade of mining activities at Saindak we still lack the project commanding expertise and hence we are extending the contract for further five years. In the greater interest of the country and provincial autonomy the Government of Pakistan and the Honorable Superior Courts should consider the technical views of national geologists and mining engineers before taking a decision and the project should be considered as a financial strategic issue not only on political grounds. The Chief Minister Balochistan is kindly requested to take appropriate decision, consulting experienced geologists, mining engineers and financial experts to have a true picture of our technical and financial capabilities and run the project in a professional manner. SHER BAHADUR, Quetta, January 5.