PESHAWAR - The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa police has worked out Standing Operating Procedure (SOP) for the online FIR registration on its official police website.
It merits mention that IGP Ihsan Ghani had launched the official police website last month.
As per the SOP, the FIR registration facility will be available on the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa police website. The complainants will visit the police website and submit FIRs by filling an online form.
An automatic FIR ID will be generated as soon as the online FIR form is submitted. FIR details, including contact details of the complainant, will then be forwarded to the concerned SHO/DPO/RPO via email.
The identity of the complainant will be verified from Nadra using its VERISYS facility to minimise the possibility of fake FIRs.
The SHO of the concerned police station or the complainant will contact each other for registration of the FIR.
When FIR is lodged, complainant will be informed via website, email and mobile/landline numbers accordingly.
The instructions for the complainants are to fill the form very carefully, the fields marked (*) are mandatory to be filled. Use the FIR ID for tracking the FIR and contact the SHO of the concerned police station for completing the FIR formality.
The complainants have been asked to contact on telephone number 091-9213164, mobile number 0300-5833306 and fax number 091-9213165 in case of any difficulties/problems.
The IT staff of police department is responsible for the technical support.
Moreover, an FIR board will be responsible to supervise the online FIR service of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa police.
The FIR Board to be headed by a DIG operation will be responsible to ensure that each and every FIR received online is timely downloaded, the details of the FIR are immediately sent to the concerned SHO, DPO and RPO via email, fax, telephone or wireless, the FIR is registered in the concerned police station without any delay and the complainant is informed accordingly and all the details are displayed on the website of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa police.
The KPK police have asked the general public to fully avail the facilities of online FIR registration so that good policing could be ensured as per attached expectations.