A suicide bomber struck near a car carrying the Chairman PPP (SP Group) Aftab Khan Sherpao and his leader-in-the-making son Sikandar Khan Sherpao, who were leaving after addressing a rally in Shabqadar, KPK. God saved the leaders though a number of their followers including four Policemen were injured one of whom succumbed to the injuries. It is really gratifying and merciful of God that our leaders – with the exception of the BB – always escape death. I hope our dear leaders won’t be deterred from such blasts on the most likely targets that they present to the terrorists by collecting thousands at one place and not resort to addressing the people over TV channels. We beseech them to keep addressing the rallies in greater and greater numbers to outdo each other in proving their popularity and superiority of numbers of their followers and what does it matter,  If a few good-for-nothing miserable ones are blown in the process?  Who cares?
Rawalpindi, March 4.