PESHAWAR - The world famous Japanese wrestler Muhammad Hussain Inoki has said that the dwellers of Peshawar gave him a warm welcome and showed hospitality to him and his 13-member wrestlers team, adding that it was a proof to the fact that people of this region were very hospitable and peace-loving.
This he said on Thursday during his visit to Government Higher Secondary School No 1, Peshawar Cantt, and a lunch hosted in honour of Inoki and his 13-member wrestlers team by Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Minister for Sports, Syed Aqil Shah at Mall one Peshawar. The teachers and students garlanded Inoki and his team members and threw petals of flowers over them. Muhammad Hussain INoki while addressing the students of the school said the brightness in the eyes of the students showed that they were very intelligent and talented. Inoki’s team members also played a friendly match of tug of war and wrestling with the students of the school. National anthems of Japan and Pakistan were also sung on the occasion.
Provincial Sports Minister during his addressing on the occasion said that Muhammad Hussain Inoki and his team of wrestlers had come to Peshawar for promotion of peace and the purpose had been achieved by successfully holding the Inok’s wrestling for Peace in Peshawar and portraying soft image of the province to the whole world. He thanked Inoki and his team for their support in achieving this purpose.
Syed Aqil Shah also announced to provide sports equipments worth Rs 1 lakh to the students of Government Higher Secondary School No 1 Peshawar Cantt. He also gave gifts to Inoki and his team.