PESHAWER - Qaumi Watan Party Chairman, Aftab Ahmad Khan Sherpao on Thursday expressed concerns over the International’s Corruption Perception Index report showing massive corruption in Pakistan, and urged the government to formulate effective laws to stem the tide of this evil.
Speaking to a public gathering here at Sardheri area of district Charsadda, where Mian Muhammad Asif Jan Kakakhel along with dozens of families joined QWP, he said the country had fallen nine points from 42nd most corrupt country to 33rd. “This evil is further spreading its tentacles in our society and, therefore, the government must take the political parties on board to work out a proper plan to contain it,” he said.
He said the foreign investors were hesitant to invest in Pakistan due to rampant corruption that had destroyed the already nose-diving economy of the country.
“The inflation entered its double digit and unemployment, insecurity, economic and political instability in the country are the outcome of the flawed policies being adopted by the government,” he said.
He regretted that there was no transparency in the governance that brought internal disturbance and external isolation and pushed the country into untold miseries.
“Capital flight is eroding the financial basis of the country,” he said and added that the government should review the role of banks and financial institutions in capital flight from Pakistan. He lamented that Pakistan was rapidly losing its friends and now the international community had no trust over the regime.
He urged the all the political parties to shun their personal differences and work together for formulation of result-oriented policies to control corruption .
Talking about the lawlessness, he lamented that ‘anti-Pakhtun’ elements were active and killing the innocent Pakhtuns in Fata, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Balochistan and elsewhere in the country, asking all stakeholders to join hands and rid the nation of the prevailing problems.
He said that in the present political landscape QWP was the only party to pull out Pakhtuns from the turmoil. He said that a vacuum had been created and QWP would soon fill this, adding the environment of confusion would be removed and effective measures would be adopted to bring about socio-economic change in the province so as to herald a new era of prosperity and peace.