PML-N Kingpin and former chief minister Shahbaz Sharif declared May 11, as 'doomsday' for 'Zardari and his clique' saying that on that the PML-N will get the nation rid of the 'vicious' clutches of 'Zar Baba and his cronies.' Shahbaz was addressing a public gathering in connection with election campaign of his party candidates here at Haroonabad on Monday.
The former Punjab CM pointed out that the nation did not require the leadership of a 'plunderer' like Zardari but the leadership of a man like Nawaz Sharif who had unflinching faith and resolve. He alleged that Imran tried to save Zaradari from people's anger and made fake promises to stop drone attacks, adding that had the PTI chairman was sincere with his claim, he would never have awarded party ticket to former foreign minister Khursheed Mehmood Kasuri who allowed such attacks in Pakistan's territory when he was minister during Musharraf regime. Shahbaz called the masses that if they wanted to steer the country out of the darkness, ignorance and exploitation you should not divide the Muslim League votes. He literally repeated that 'Ijazul Haq,' was not their candidate, warning the masses to be aware of the conspiracies of the opponents. If Zardari is not the responsible of the prevailing energy crisis as declared by Imran, then this gathering of people is responsible for this mess, he posed a question? Shahbaz Sharif called on the people, " Listen oh innocent leaguers a hidden nexus between 'BAT and Arrow' has been established, so be aware of it." He termed 'Imran' as the chief polling agent of the PPP. He pointed out that the PTI chairman raised objection to the distribution of laptops among the youth, asking Imran that should he (Shahbaz) had to given Kalashnikov in the hands of the youth instead of laptops. He reiterated his resolve to distribute laptops among the youth after coming into power. Shahbaz also said that public money which had been plundered over the last five years was being spent on 'fake' election campaign and after coming into power his government would recover each and every penny from plunderers. The former CM concluded that after coming into power the PML-N would end loadshedding in two years.
It is to be noted that earlier PML-N Chief Nawaz Sharif was scheduled to address the public meeting in Haroonabad but due to unknown reasons he did not come and Shahbaz arrived at the venue after a delay of about six hours. However, a considerable number of people had gathered to listen to their leader.