ISLAMABAD The hockey circles of the country demanded Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani, the patron-in-chief of Pakistan Hockey Federation (PHF), to conduct inquiry and bring the culprits to book for Pakistan teams debacle in Champions Trophy. People love national game and want immediate action against the current PHF management failed to deliver despite their tall claims and termed it incapable of changing the fortunes of the national team. The management have received enough money from the government but failed maintain direction and lacked the vision which is essential for turning an ordinary team into a world beaters, the circles added. The circles claimed that the PHF should be dissolved and a new ad-hoc set to be made in which senior Olympians should be included to chalk out strategy to win Olympic Games to save hockey from further disaster. They also demanded the sacking of the Dutch who failed to deliver for Pakistan and any senior Olympian should be made coach to achieve the desired results as there is no dearth of coaching talent in Pakistan. All the tall claims of PHF regarding reaching at least in the final of the Champions Trophy Hockey Tournament were shattered as they lost all the three league matches of the event and placed in group D. England defeated Pakistan 4-1 in the first match, while Spain outplayed them 4-2 in the second and Australia crushed them 6-1 in the final match. It looked that Pakistan preparations for Olympics goes blown in the year and there is no chance that they qualify for the knockout stage of the mega event. Beating Australia in friendly matches is a different thing but competing with them in a high profile event is different and Pakistan succumbed to big match pressure and lost 6-1. On the other hand, PHF management issues statements after losing every series and tournament that they were preparing for the Olympics but in these circumstances there is no chance that Pakistan could make knock-out stage of the world mega event to be held in England. Pakistan team manager Kh Junaid had promised earlier to deliver goods in Champions Trophy but team is out of the Champions Trophy with three consecutive losses. Who is responsible for the decline of Pakistan's national game? What is the purpose of paying almost Rs two million monthly to the Dutch coach Michel van den Heuvel on his failure for deliver? Hockey is moving its lowest ebb during his coaching. Why PHF is wasting national exchequer despite no favourable results? No one else but this current PHF management particularly its president Qasim Zia and secretary Asif Bajwa are responsible for team's dismal performances. Pakistan is a very poor country and can't afford to pay such hefty amounts to foreign coach who has yet to prove his worth. PHF president and secretaries main focus is to arrange hockey team's foreign tours during summer just to enjoy weather in European countries and are least bother about team's poor performances or waste of national wealth.