ISLAMABAD (Online) - Afghan Taliban have said that foreigners have made suspicious pledges to pour a new life into the body of the Kabul regime. The Taliban have said in statement that the Bonn Conference was void of basic problems of Afghanistan, adding, that foreigners at the Bonn Conference promised to pour a new life into the body of the Kabul government. The Taliban said in the statement which was published on Tuesday at their website said that no basic problem of Afghanistan was discussed at the Bonn conference. The Taliban statement criticised the declaration issued by the Bonn Conference for lacking anything about Islam or the Islamic system [in Afghanistan] and there was no specific pledges in the statement. Taliban called the statement good collection of words, adding, there were very few important words in that declaration. 'Afghans expect nothing good from this conference. This Bonn Conference also, in deciding Afghanistan's fate, the leadership of Afghanistan has promised to pave way for the notorious mafia to continue looting Afghanistan who had already been looting and plundering Afghanistan's assets and reserves, and they have now fixed a trap under the pretext of promising development projects in the country for another 10 years, it added. The statement said US at this conference under its policy once again tried to create a reason for using Afghan soil against neighbouring countries and the countries of the region for another 10 years and engage Afghanistan in historic enmity with its neighbouring countries. The Taliban in the end of the statement demanded foreign countries to pull out their forces from Afghanistan and said: 'The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan demands all the occupants and countries who have taken hostage Afghan people that instead of wasting time on such useless conferences, meetings and useless discussions they should understand basic problems and demands of our and their own countries and they should withdraw their forces from our country as soon as possible. The statement expressed its opposition to the foreign forces permanent military bases in Afghanistan as well and said: 'Foreign forces should avoid setting up permanent military bases here and they should leave alone our suffering nation to set up an independent and self relying Islamic government according to their desires. They should understand that such system would be in the interests of Afghans and the international community as well.