LAHORE Like the other residential localities, situated near factory areas, death is looming over the residents of Ittehad Colony (grand battery) Multan Road as they compelled to live under the shadow of fatal diseases as a result of precariously mounting environmental pollution due to a chemical factory, residents told TheNation. It is witnessed that deadly smoke and health hazardous substances, omitting from a chemical factory, owned by influential business persons not only is contributing diseases among the inhabitants of the surrounding vicinities but also are poisoning environment with the noxious chemical. In addition, the people living in this colony are very uncomfortable and suffering from serious diseases like tuberculosis, hepatitis and heart diseases as well. I have been living in the colony for years. In our colony most of the people are very disturbed with the dangerously increasing air pollution as well as noise pollution, said Zulqarnain Qureshi, a resident adding it is the only factory which is working over there while others have been closed down just because of serious issue related to human health . He has appealed to the government and the higher authorities of Environment Protection Department to visit the said colony and initiate action against this factory after measuring the pollution level. He also stressed the need of action on part of the government to follow the studies of World Wildlife Funds (WWF). He referred WWF International media release, issuing warning regarding the risk to the Amazon and other forest areas of dramatically reduced protections against deforestation just approved by Brazils Senate. According to warning, the Revisions to the Forest Code, which now go back to Brazils National Assembly and then require ratification by President Dilma Rousseff, allow deforestation much closer to watercourses and on steep slopes and give amnesties for past illegal deforestation. Much of the responsibility for implementation and enforcement is passed to the States, where large landholders and agribusiness interests have more influence.