The degeneration of our political elite is a sad reality. Continuous interference by men in Khakis has only led to nurturing of political opportunists, who have amassed immense wealth overnight through illegitimate means and now hold political power. Land grabbing from helpless poor throughbrute force has created such a mess that security of citizens and their assets have become a casualty. The state of Pakistan faces a threat from within whichhas been created by injustices, lawlessness, abuse of power, sectarian or ethnic divideand willful disregard to rule of law. Claims by a group of politicians of being clean, at least is an acceptance of the fact that ethics is something that still exists. Yet the fact that few of them are scions of corrupt bureaucrats sacked by the state, or sons of retired generals notorious for accumulation of wealth during the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan is a sad reality. However the lesson of history is that when politics becomes the domain of affluent traders, industrialists and feudal, the people and the country lose a lot. RASHID ORAKZAI, Quetta, December 1.