ISLAMABAD - The Law Division has given go ahead to the decision of Power Ministry to send the much debated 'Clean Power corruption case to National Accountability Bureau (NAB) for final decision, it was learnt on Wednesday. Sources privy to the development have informed TheNation that Ministry of Water and Power sought legal basis from the Law Division pertaining to file a reference in the NAB about 'Clean Power corruption issue, which the division has approved now. After this decision of Law Division, Power Ministry has directed the AEDB to furnish a reference against 'Clean Power with all concerned necessary proves and evidences as soon as possible. 'Making mockery of the prescribed rules and regulations, high-ups of the Alternative Energy Development Board (AEDB) had awarded three contracts to a blue eyed firm 'Clean Power Company during 2004-07 in its desperate alleged bid to benefit the relative of an influential high-up of the said board, sources informed, adding, that 'Clean Power was given Research and Development of Bio Diesel, Fuel Cell Research Project and Development of Supply Chain Mechanism projects. Though 'Clean Power had made tall claims of completing the Research and Development of Bio Diesel project yet it failed to submit the report of project completion to the authorities, they added. Similarly, in another adventure of Fuel Cell Research Project, 'Clean Power Company provided machinery having market worth of Rs 4.7 lakh at the cost of Rs 65 lakh. So in total around Rs 17 Crore was surfaced as a cost of the estimated losses only due to benefitting some one no matter if it was out of the way, above procedure and allegedly completely in violation of rules and regulations, sources added. It was also learnt that Alternative Energy Development Board (AEDB) was established in 2003 with a target to produce 1,000 MW of alternative energy till 2010. 'However, it failed so far to produce even one MW of alternative energy in the country. From 2003 to 2008, only corruption cases were unearthed as a land mark of the Board instead of heading the country towards the destination of even sustainable alternative energy options in a bid reduce the energy woes of the nation particularly. Due to skyrocketing corruption trend in the board, its Chief Executive Officer (CEO) alongwith other high-ups had to lose lucrative slots on the said charges in 2008, the sources said. Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) is now a days investigating around 13 corruption cases of the influential AEDB, the sources added.