KARACHI - In accordance with the federal governments gas load management plan, Sui Southern Gas Company Limited (SSGC) has decided to shut down gas supplies to the CNG stations in Karachi and interior Sindh from 11pm on Thursday (December 8) till 5pm on Friday (December 9). The decision to close down CNG stations for 18 hours was taken after a meeting held between SSGC management and CNG Association here on Wednesday. During the meeting, SSGC management requested its CNG industry stakeholders to close down their operations for 18 hours in view of the winter load caused by the additional consumption of gas in the northern part of Sindh and entire Balochistan. SSGC managements reiterated that the 18 hour closure has become indispensable to prevent the companies line pack to fall substantially on Saturday, which would have put the entire distribution system under heavy strain and caused the pressure to drop significantly. The meeting was chaired by Syed Hassan Nawab, DMD Operations SSGC, with the other office barriers. Abdul Sami Khan, Chairman CNG Dealers Association, Shabir Sulemanjee, Chairman All Pakistan CNG Association Sindh , and other representatives of the industries also participated in the meeting.