LAHORE The Lahore High Court has been approached through a writ petition seeking formation of inquiry commission to audit of funds Rs50 million given by World Bank to Punjab government under a T.B (tuberculosis) reach programme for treatment of prisoners in provincial jails. A Non-Government Organisation (NGO) filed the petition and submitted that World Bank gave Rs50 million aid to Punjab government in 2001 under a project TB Reach Programme for treatment of prisoners. It alleged in the petition that funds were not utilised for the said purpose by Punjab Secretary Health and officials of project TB Reach Programme. It also alleged the funds were being used for the payment of high salaries and incentives to the officials of project. The petition stated that prisoners were suffering from various deadly diseases and TB has reached at dangerous proportions. The petitioner prayed the court to issue directions for constitution of inquiry commission to audit the funds and for that the record should be seized so that it may not be altered by the officials.