A heartbroken businessman spent 22,000 on the worlds most expensive dessert to cheer himself up after he was dumped by his girlfriend. Diamond merchant Carl Weininger, 60, splashed out on the extravagant pudding as a pick-me-up after she ended their three-year relationship. The chocolate-laced pudding is styled like a Faberge egg and its list of ingredients included edible gold, champagne and caviar. It contained a gold bracelet and spoon set and the cherry on top was a two-carat diamond. Mr Weininger took the pudding to the Aviators Ball, at Heathrows Sofitel Hotel where lucky guests sampled the luxury dessert. Each mouthful cost around 800 and the whole dessert took just 15 minutes to devour. Buying the dessert was a real boost for my morale, he said. I was dumped earlier this year and felt this could be a decent pick-me-up. Im not much of a chocolate lover myself but all the women who tasted it said 'Wow. It was absolutely delicious, as you would expect. ON