OUR STAFF REPORTER BAHAWALNAGAR - District Agriculture Department has launched crackdown against fake phosphorous fertilizer dealers and rounded up 4 people. According to Agriculture (extension) District Officer Ch Munir Ahmad, a team conducted a raid on a fake fertilizer dealer Nasrullahs shop and seized 20 fake DAP fertilizer bags and handed over him to the police, who registered a case against the accused. In second raid which conducted at Faqirwali on SSP Master Fertilizer Company dealer, the raiding team seized fake fertilizer and got registered case against dealers Umar and Azam. In third raid which was conducted on the Shop of Imran Ali and got registered a case under fertilizer control order 1973 against him on selling of fake fertilizer. District Officer warned the fertilizer dealers that they should not sale fake fertilizers to growers as no one would be allowed to exploit growers and such elements would be taken to task. He further said that 65 per cent of wheat sowing target had been achieved in the district, while, the target was fixed on 0.85 million acres across the district. He also said that cotton production target was mostly achieved.