This is apropos to the letter dated 28th Nov, 2011 of Mr Michael Karolus Lahore. The writer has said that two installments have been paid by NAB to affectees of the Forex companies after recovering the capital amount from the culprits. We are also the affectees of one forex company Rouf International Advisory Services, but we have not yet been compensated even a single installment by the NAB. The NAB has recently distributed 50-million rupees among 998 affected people of one Double Shah Scandal case (Wazirabad) and has also paid a total amount of one billion and sixty crore since 2007. It is worth mentioning that there was no proper written record of each case but on the basis of claim lodged by the affectees were taken into account. The NAB had taken over the case of forex companies in the year 2003 and obtained written documentary claim in original from each affected person in the same year. Despite lapse of more than nine years the victims have not been compensated. We are desperately waiting for compensation. The new chief of NAB is requested to take up the matter on top priority basis and arrange to release compensation in full amount to the affectees. MAHMOOD AHMAD MINHAS, Lahore, December 6.