LAHORE (INP) - PML-N President Nawaz Sharif has said that removal of PPP-led federal government was essential to protect the country as the failed and self-serving policies of the rulers have brought the country to the verge of destruction. He was speaking on Wednesday at a ceremony in which former PML-Q MNAs Chaudhry Safdar Shakir, Ashraf Gul, Mazhar Gul and PPP ticket holder Roy Usman Kharral announced to join the PML-N. The new entrants reposed their trust in Nawaz leadership and vowed to struggle for sovereignty and stability of the country under his lead. Nawaz Sharif said memogate scandal has exposed the 'misdeeds of the PPP to the masses but it was trying to divert attention of the countrymen. He said that the central government has lost its credibility and appeal to the masses who dont want to see PPP in power any more. The PML-N chief said his party was working to restore masses trust in democracy which has been ruined the PPP and its allied parties. He said that the people have suffered under the PPP government to the extent that they are forced to recall the dictatorial regime which in their eyes was much better than the four year rule of the so-called democratic government.