ISLAMABAD A day after President Asif Zardari flew to Dubai, his buddy and alleged memo controversy linchpin Husain Haqqani also moved from the Presidency to Prime Ministers House on Tuesday. The same day Interior Minister Rehman Malik said the name of former Pakistans ambassador to the US has been put on the Exit Control List (ECL). Sources at the Presidents House informed TheNation that with the leaving of president for Dubai the hustle-bustle at the Presidency just evaporated as all the party stalwarts turned their attention to Prime Ministers House , which is also the new abode of embattled Husain Haqqani . They said Haqqani was getting bored at the relatively deserted Aiwan-e-Saddr and he took up the matter with PM Gilani who asked him to his delight to shift to a PM House annexe, where the ex-envoy would stay till the return of the president. Earlier in the day, Interior Minister Rehman Malik said that the former ambassadors name has been put on the Exit Control List (ECL) as per the orders from Supreme Court. Addressing a press conference, the minister said the government was bound to do so following the SC orders. Meanwhile, Haqqani said in a statement that placing his name on the ECL was not something new for him as this had been done in the past as well. The former envoy, who has resigned over the memo scandal, said that he had not returned to Pakistan to run away. He said his name was removed from the ECL in the past and once again would be removed once the Supreme Court had heard his side of the story. Haqqani is accused of dictating a memo to Mansoor Ijaz, who claims to have delivered it to Mike Mullen. Haqqani moves to PMs House