Mansoor Ijaz, an American by birth, who has never even tried to identify himself as a Pakistani, has created such a stir, which even in a country like ours, used to unending crisis, has created a tsunami of sorts. Unfortunately Pakistani dual nationality community, in spite of conflict of interest, has very strong links within our establishment and is responsible for letting even such men fiddle in our national affairs, who themselves would never desire to be identified as our nationals. Ours has been an unending tale of allowing such opportunist individuals exploit and infiltrate this country's weak systems and institutions, both civil and security, to their individual benefit, while causing immense harm to our economy and security. Their loyalty to the country of their choice and their compulsive insecurity to prove themselves more loyal than their fellow citizens, forces them to venture into deeds that would earn them brownie points and reap benefits of Uncle Sam's largess. How else can our establishment explain their choice for putting men like Moeen Qureshi, Shaukat Aziz, Shoaib Muhammad, MM Ahmed to hold such prominent posts in the past, where they were allowed to decide fate of a country, where they have no stakes. How could Musharraf, whose whole family had acquired foreign nationality be allowed to head the army of this country? Such an appointment would never have been made in USA, UK or even in India. With the exception of few NGOs, most of others are just there to serve purposes other than welfare and development. Our media must also bear responsibility for giving such men undue publicity and projecting them as Joan of Arc instead of villains that they are. There is hardly anybody of consequence in Pakistan, with whom men like Mansoor Ijaz have not interacted. Almost every political party leadership has met him whilst in power. Are these people driven by national security interests when they meet such people, or is it to protect their personal and business interests. Men like Mansoor Ijaz are no doubt financially successful, but than they have never shown any emotional attachment to the country of their parents origin, nor have they ever considered it worthy for investing their billions. They only come to Pakistan to boost their egos for such a luxury is not available for them where they live, because of the color of their skin and the names that identifies them to faiths or cultures considered to be alien. So these men end up in controversies like Memogate that threatens to rock the rotten political and bureaucratic setup that rules Pakistan. How else can the choice of men like Hussain Haqqani be justified, or the choice of other dubious characters posted as ambassadors to important key nations. Are we to believe Hussain Haqqani or Mansoor Ijaz?. In the latest issue of Newsweek MI writes- "Haqqani made just one critical mistakeseconding me into his scheme. I dislike the brinkmanship and heavy-handed role that Pakistans military and intelligence organizations have played throughout the nations history, and have said so over and over again. Democracy cannot exist in a police state managed by a thuggish intelligence agency. But I dislike even more feudal civilian cabals that feign love for democracy only to orchestrate their grandiose schemes on important security issues through abuses of power that simply cannot be tolerated in an open society. MALIK TARIQ ALI, Lahore, December 5.