Supreme Court (SC) has been moved on Thursday to decide about the immunity to the sitting President of the State in the run-up to the investigations into the Memogate scandal. According to a private television channel, the petition was filed by a local lawyer Barister Zafarullah at the SCs Lahore Registry. The petitioner said name of President Asif Ali Zardari is being mentioned in Memogate scandal; but, he enjoys immunity. The petition states the precedent involving a trial against former US President Richard Nixon is being referred to in Memogate scandal case; but, the Constitutions of the US and Pakistan are different, as US President has administrative powers which Pakistani president does not have. He added, 'Accordingly, President cannot be prosecuted under the Constitution. The petitioner stressed there is a case pending with the apex court regarding presidential immunity which should be decided prior to Memogate scandal case proceedings.