A miniature metal engraver has carved the names of all 38 England World Cup scorers onto a single football stud. Graham Short, 65, even etched the iconic three lions emblem on to the head of the stud as well. And he engraved full names, like Nathaniel Lofthouse, Geoffrey Hurst and Joseph Cole, instead of the shortened versions. Mr Short spent months working with his powerful microscope on the stud, having to restart the piece a frustrating 30 times. He takes beta-blockers to ensure his heart rate remains steady and gets botox injections around his eyes so the muscles remain as still as possible. It took about five or six months. I only have to move slightly and I have start over from the beginning. I must have done that about 30 or 40 times with the stud, he said. My work-shop is a small building and I dont go in till 10pm. I work at night because even the vibrations of a lorry going past in the day could cause me to make a big mistake. I wear a stethoscope and try to engrave in between heart beats. If I see a mouse I have to go home straight away because I am scared of them and know I wont be able to stay dead still when I engrave. The stud has been bought for 30,000 by an anonymous Premier League player who has donated it to the new FA museum opening in Manchester. Agencies