CHAMAN (INP) - The blockade of Nato supplies continued on the 12th day after the lethal attack in Mohmand Agency, hampering the allied forces operations in Afghanistan. The US administration is considering Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan for Nato supplies as alternate routes but supplies for Nato forces in Afghanistan through the Central Asian Republics will put additional burden on Pentagon's budget for battling insurgency in Afghanistan, which has already been facing financial crisis and indigenous criticism for spending too much on the unending war. Over half of Nato supplies were being transported to Afghanistan via Pakistan which is costlier than the routes leading to Afghanistan through the Central Asian Republics. The current blockade of Nato supplies by the Pakistani authorities in the backlash of Mohmand attack has immensely affected Nato operations in Afghanistan. Sources in the Pentagon said that the Nato-spearheaded operation has been slackened in Afghanistan mainly due to halt in supplies including fuel and other commodities routed through Pakistan. In Kabul, Afghan officials said the Nato forces whittled down their activities and anti-terror operations owing to shortage of oil. The operation underway in several districts of Kandahar has been left unfinished with the Nato troops settled back at their barracks. Meantime, Nato 's routine actions are being adversely impacted, as according to unnamed Afghan sources, if the situation persists, reserves of eatables hitherto available with the armed forces will soon be exhausted. Also, Afghan army is faced with mounting troubles spawned by the blockade of supplies. Trucks with containers packed with Nato supplies are parked in long queues at Chaman and Torkham borders as well as in Karachi and parts of Sindh and Punjab with spells of protest demonstrations in progress across the country against the Nato attacks. Enraged masses in Pakistan are demanding permanent cut on Nato supplies.