LAHORE PTI top leadership, while declining an offer from a PML-Q Likeminded splinter group of forging an alliance, has invited them to join the party as individuals, The Nation has learnt. PTI sources told this correspondent on Wednesday that Khursheed Mehmood Kasuri and Hamid Nasir Chattha who lead one of the two factions of the Likeminded group had expressed their desire to Imran Khan of forming an alliance with his fast growing party, but the PTI chief refused the offer politely and invited them to join the party in their individual capacity. However, quoting the example of Shah Mehmood Qureshi, the PTI high command assured the Likeminded leaders that they would be given senior positions in the party as per their political stature. The Likeminded group has been divided into two blocs one is being led by Khursheed Mehmood Kasuri and Hamid Nasir Chattha who are trying to strike some other political arrangement with the PTI , while the other bloc under Senator Salim Saifullah Khan and Hamyun Akhtar Khan are desire to join the PML-N. Both the factions claim support of several sitting parliamentarians. The sources said that PTI chief in a recent meeting with Kasuri and Chttha told them that PTI was in need of clean yet experienced politicians and it would a matter of pleasure for him to have onboard the towering personalities like theirs. When contacted, Khursheed Mehmood Kasuri said, Imran Khan invited me for a dinner and in an informal chat we discussed national and international issues, and the meeting lasted for nearly two and a half hours I will be talking to my friends and colleagues in the Likeminded group about the points discussed with Imran to decide a future political course. PTI central spokesman Omar Sarfaraz Cheema confirmed the meeting but said, We are not forging alliance with any group or faction at this stage, however individuals with clean track record who will declare their real assets, can join the PTI at any time. Meanwhile, PTI 'trackers assigned to grab the support of old faces have confided to The Nation that Azam Khan Swati, JUI-F leader who resigned from his party and Senate seats on Wednesday, was in contact with them for quite sometime. They added that a meeting with Swati was expected soon and there were strong possibilities that he would join PTI ranks. PTI sources said that some party leaders in a chat with Imran Khan have expressed their frustration over the joining of traditional politicians. The sources quoted these leaders as saying to Imran that the party having an agenda of revolutionary changes was now following the path of traditional politics. The PTI was fast becoming a party of turncoats of the traditional political parties as the new blood was being pushed to the backbenches. On the other hand, the sources said, some close aides of PTI chief have advised him to follow the dynamics of 'practical politics, telling him that without having maximum number of electables, it would be almost impossible for PTI to grab even an appreciable majority in the next polls. They have told Imran that we cannot afford taking chances in the next polls and getting some meaningful space is vital for the partys political survival, the sources added.