ISLAMABAD - PPP-led Treasury Benches Wednesday thwarted the Opposition benches move to debate the much controversial memogate scandal on the second day of the specially requisitioned session of the Senate before it was adjourned sine die. The two lawmakers from the government benches pointed out the quorum of the House for two times separately when it met after a break of four days due to holidays of Ashura to discuss the memo issue specially. This demonstrated clearly the governments intentions that it did not want that the issue be discussed in the Senate . Commonly, the Senators from both sides, Treasury as well as Opposition benches, stay away from pointing out the quorum of the House with the consensus decision usually used to make in the House Business Advisory Committee and the House runs his usual business despite the lack of quorum. When the House met after a delay of half an hour from the scheduled time, Dr Saeeda Iqbal of PPP pointed out the quorum of the House. The House was adjourned for 15 minutes as it lacked quorum though bells were rung on the directions of Presiding officer Senator Afrasayab Khattak. However, Professor Ibrahim of Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) of the view that the government was backing out of its earlier promise made to the Opposition as it failed to maintain the quorum and stressed that the issue of memo should be discussed in the House. Senator Nayyer Hussain Bokhari, Leader of the Opposition responding to Professor Ibrahim said that t was the duty of the Opposition benches to maintain the quorum and not the Treasury benches indicating that the session was requisitioned on their request. When the House met again after Maghrib prayers, PML-Q Senator Seemen Siddiqui from the Treasury benches again pointed out the quorum of the House. This time, Ishaq Dar of PML-N remarked that the govt wanted that the memogate scam could not be debated in the House. Presiding Officer read out the prorogation order of the House saying that he was forced to do this as the House lacked quorum. Acting Chairman Senate Jan Muhammad Jamali had summoned the present session of the Senate on the special requisition of 29 lawmakers sitting on the Opposition benches of the House to discuss the controversy arising out of the memo issue. Later on, the issue of NATO air strikes on Pakistan military posts in Mohmand Agency was also clubbed with the memogate scandal with the consensus of the House for further discussions on both of these issues.