It appears our rulers dont read newspapers. There are four different news items in todays Daily The Nation that point the finger at thermal power generation. i) Oil up near 111 dollars per barrel due to Iran scare. ii) Gas loadshedding driving country to stone age, because gas is being diverted from industry to power generation. iii) Nation editorial says we need to switch from thermal based energy to hydel if we are to save the economy. iv) A letter in Nation quotes Asghar Khan as saying, A country would be in a pitiable condition if its destiny is in the hands of a deceased person, but the present day Pakistan is being led not by one but two deceased leaders. It was Benazir Bhuttos policy of total reliance on thermal power to the total exclusion of hydel power that has landed us in the present mess. We need to stop following the policies of deceased leaders if we want to keep Pakistan alive. ENGR KHURSHID ANWER, Lahore, December 7.